My name is Joseph C. Simmons, but you can call me Joe.  I’ve been a comedian since 2008. Originally from Florida, I moved to New York City to advance my comedy career in 2014.  I still have a day job, if that helps you to understand how far my comedy career has “advanced”.

I did, however, manage to greatly advance my relationship status. My girlfriend, Evgeniya Cheridy (or “Evi”), is a beautiful Licensed New York City Tour Guide/Photographer/Model whom I met only a month and a half after moving here. As you maneuver around this website, you’ll begin to wonder why the hell she’s dating me. I’ll ask you to keep those comments to yourself, thank you very much.

So, This is the Deal

Ever since I’ve made the Big Apple my home, I’ve made it a priority to learn and experience every nook and cranny of it.  This has been greatly enhanced by Evi, who seemingly knows every nook and every cranny.* Back in August, I mentioned how much of NYC I get to experience to my brother-in-law, Doug, and he had this idea:

“Dude! You have to start a blog about New York City!”

“Yeah,” I responded. “I’m sure that’s never been done one billion times.”

“No, seriously.  Evi teaches you so much, and you can make it funny!”

It was an interesting thought.  Evi really does know more about NYC than anyone on this Earth, and people seem to enjoy reading the tripe I produce, so–why not combine the two?  I’ve already been posting essays on my Facebook about the experiences, and have written many more that still haven’t seen the light of day.  Maybe it’s time to make this, well, sort of professional.

So this is it.  At first, I was only going to write reviews and stories about attractions and historical sites I’ve visited here in the city.  Then I figured out that would involve a lot of me leaving my apartment.  Plus I wouldn’t be able to post other experiences and funny ideas.  So I’ve decided that this website will evolve and simply become whatever it becomes.  It will certainly have tons of useful information for visitors to this great city (from Evi, not me), but it will also have a lot of useless stuff as well (from me, not Evi).

Enjoy, and please feel free to leave comments.


*What the hell is a “cranny”, anyway?